Micro Link Hair Extensions 101

Micro Link Hair Extensions 101

Hey everyone! I'm glad you stopped by! I'm Tanisha. Chances are you're looking for information on the newest hair extensions method micro links. You have come to the right place! I love micro link extensions! In my opinion it is the best way to add thickness and length to your hair. Not to mention it looks so natural.  I have installed the micro link hair extension method three times in my hair and twice in my daughters hair. She's 11. We love micro link hair extensions! What you will find here at Micro Link Hair Extension 101 is the education and resources you need when making the choice of how micro link extensions will work best for you. After visiting here, I hope you have a clear view on the micro link hair extension method.

Let me start off by saying that I am not a professional hair dresser. I have been doing hair since I have been 16 years old as a kitchen beautician not a professional. ;) I've had some pretty happy clients too, it's something that I don't want to do full the time. If that makes any sense.
If your ready for a lesson in micro link extensions then keep reading.


What Are Micro Link Extensions?

Micro Link hair extensions are the most natural looking hair extensions on the "hair weave" market today! You don't have to glue, clip, sew, or braid anything in. No more going bald or crazy itching! Yay! The micro link itself are round colored coil looking attachments that is matched to the color of your hair giving your hair weave (or extensions) ;) a natural flowing appearance. Micro link extensions are attached to your hair by a strand-by-strand method. Basically, a small portion of your own hair is placed through the bead along with the extension. The micro link is then pinched shut with a extension tool to so that it stays on your head  Here is a couple images to give you a idea. It doesn't matter on your hair type.

  What's The Best Kind Of Hair To Use ?

Human hair of various types: straight, wavy, curly, kinky, of Indian, Ethnic, Chinese, and European origins are some idea's when choosing your hair for your micro link extensions, it's best to remember that your extensions can last up to 3-5 months. Depending on how you care for the hair. If you choose the right kind of hair, you can reuse it. I recommend using 100% virgin hair. It can run you a couple hundred but it is soooo worth it, this hair by far is the most durable hair on the market. You can re-use the hair, use heat on the hair, dye it, bleach it and treat basically like your own hair. 2-3 bundles are usually needed for a full head which is between 200-300 individual strands. It's really up to you and where you would like to add your length and thickness to. I have used as little as 50 to almost 300, depending on my hairstyles. The hair I used when I did our hair was with the companies Perfect Locks, Qlassy Hair Extensions and Amazon.You can check some of these out also........

                                          100 strands Micro Link Human Hair Extensions 16"
                                               18'' Remy Micro Rings Human Hair Extensions

What Supplies Do You Need?

Depending on how you wish to install the extensions, you will need tools to make your job a easier. You have a couple choices when it comes to picking your hair extensions tools. Of course you need hair or pre looped hair, silicone micro links, metal plier tool and a hair hook and the basics.. a comb, hair clips....  if your using pre-hooped hair you will only need the metal plier tool and the hair hook. You can check this one out too.:)

  How To Install Micro Link Extensions?

Micro link extensions are very easy to apply. If you are not too hair savvy then you can ask a friend to help, watch some YouTube video's or you can pay around 3-5 hundred dollars and get them installed by a professional. I always done ours myself. Saved me some time and some money. I loved it. It took me about 4-5 hours to do my hair and about 2 1/2 hours to do my daughters. Her head is small. :)
First thing you want to do is make sure your hair is clean, blow dried and straighten. I relax my hair to get it bone straight but you may not have to. Do not to add conditioner to hair after washing. You don't want to have the hair slip from the link. Even if you have fine hair then you still want to wash, dry and straighten the hair with a flat iron first. So if you're ready to get to work, I found some awesome YouTube video's that personally helped me when I first did my micro link hair extensions. It can help you on your way too they helped me out tremendously. I hope these help you.....

Basic Upkeep For Your Micro Link Hair Extensions?

Keeping up with your micro link extensions do not have to be a hard job. Wash with moisturizing hair care products every 1-2 weeks. This step is very important when you are using micro link hair extensions. Remember your hair will not get any of the moisture from the natural oils your scalp produces. Moisturizing hair care products will keep your micro link hair extensions healthy. Use a serum if you are wanting shine. Some hair care products promote shine sometimes have a drying effect on the hair. Washing the hair improperly can make the hair dry and tangle. How you care for your micro link hair extensions will be the ultimate determining factor. You will also need to get your micro link hair extensions tightened at least every 3-4 weeks or when new growth starts to appear. Here are some items you may want to keep on hand.

There you have it! I hope this information gave you some insight on micro link hair extensions. I hope you have as much fun as I do with your micro link hair extensions! Remember, when you look good, you feel good!

Much love y'all!

P. S. I would love to hear your comments and answer any questions that you have. If you find this information helpful please share. Or if you are in the Ohio area and want me to do your micro link hair extensions, please shoot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.